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Alderman Pounder Infant & Nursery School

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Alderman Pounder Infant & Nursery School

Making a difference as we grow together


At Alderman Pounder, we aim to promote equality and diversity and tackle any form of discrimination. We seek to remove any barriers to access, participation, attainment and achievement. We will promote community cohesion at school, local, national and global levels and implement all necessary actions in relation to ethnicity, gender, religion or belief and socioeconomic background.


Through our ethos, values and behaviour policy, the school provides a platform to ensure children and young people are given the support to respect themselves and others, and understand their role as a local and global citizen, being aware of the potential issues they face.


The ethos of healthy open relationships, inclusion and treating everyone equally permeates all we do. We place a strong emphasis on our values. We work hard to broaden our students' experience, to prepare them for life and work in contemporary Britain. We teach them to respect and value the diversity around them as well as understanding how to make safe, well considered decisions through our approach.


  • Peer on Peer abuse will not be tolerated or passed off as banter or part of growing up.
  • We will treat everyone at fairly, celebrating difference and meeting different needs so that all members of our school community are free to live, learn and enjoy.
  • Tackling discrimination on the grounds of age, disability, gender identity (gender reassignment and transgender), pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex (gender) or sexual orientation.
  • Advancing equality of opportunity.
  • Creating good relations between different groups

Equality Information and Objectives



Alderman Pounder Infant & Nursery School

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