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During this current lockdown (Spring 2021) we once again find ourselves in a situation where we have some children in school and some children at home. Unlike the first lockdown last Spring there are different expectation placed on schools, children and parents. During this lockdown schools are providing 'remote learning'. This is learning that mirrors, as best it can, the learning that is taking place in school. This has meant that we have very quickly had to adapt to a different way of working so that we can best support learning in the home. We appreciate how difficult this can be for parents, especially those who are working from home, or who have more than one child to help educate. Staff have worked hard to produce learning that is well supported by resources, including video, to make this as easy as possible for parents. This we hope, along with ongoing quality feedback through our online platform, dojo, will enable all children to 'keep up' in their learning. We are also developing our capability to 'live stream' within our bubbles to try to maintain a sense of connectivity between those at home and those in school.


To find out about our provision for children taking part in remote learning during this current lockdown please click here.




What catch-up funding is for?

The government announced £1 billion of funding to support children and young people to catch up lost time after school closure. This is especially important for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged backgrounds. This funding includes:

  • a one-off universal £650 million catch up premium for the 2020 to 2021 academic year to ensure that schools have the support they need to help all pupils make up for lost teaching time
  • a £350 million National Tutoring Programme to provide additional, targeted support for those children and young people who need the most help, which includes:


The followings settings are eligible:

  • primary, secondary and all through local authority-maintained schools, academies and free schools
  • local authority-maintained special schools
  • special academies and free schools
  • special schools not maintained by a local authority
  • pupil referral units
  • alternative provision (AP) academies and free schools
  • local authority-maintained hospital schools and academies
  • independent special schools

We will provide funding to local authorities for pupils with education, health and care (EHC) plans who are educated in independent special schools based on the number of such pupils in their area.

Funding allocations

School allocations will be calculated on a per pupil basis.

Mainstream school will get £80 for each pupil in from reception to year 11 inclusive.

Special, AP and hospital schools will get £240 for each place for the 2020 to 2021 academic year.

We have applied additional weighting to specialist settings, recognising the significantly higher per pupil costs they face. A typical primary school of 200 pupils will receive £16,000 while a typical secondary school of 1,000 pupils will receive £80,000.


Using catch-up funding

Schools should use this funding for specific activities to support their pupils to catch up for lost teaching over the previous months, in line with the curriculum expectations for the next academic year in actions for schools during the coronavirus outbreak.

While schools can use their funding in a way that suits their cohort and circumstances, they are expected to use this funding for specific activities which will help pupils catch up on missed education.

To support schools to make the best use of this funding, the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) has published a coronavirus (COVID-19) support guide for schools with evidence-based approaches to catch up for all students.

To support schools to implement their catch-up plans effectively, EEF has published the school planning guide: 2020 to 2021. This will provide further guidance on how schools should implement catch-up strategies and supporting case studies to highlight effective practice.


Alderman Pounder's Strategy

To see how we have planned to use this funding, please click here to read our strategy.