Since 2004 there has been a School Council at Alderman Pounder School. This has provided an ideal opportunity for pupils to get more involved in the way school is run.

Each class has 2 representatives on the School Council. Children can put themselves forward to be the class representative, explaining why they think they would be suitable and then each child has the opportunity to vote for the person they would like. The two children with the most votes then have the responsibility to ensure that they express both their own views and the views of all the other pupils in the class they represent when they attend the School Council.

The School Council has benefitted the whole school, pupils and teachers. Children have had the chance to express their views on the school environment; resources they would like for both inside and outside school; their feelings on behaviour around school; ways to raise money both for the school and for some of the charities we support e.g. Children in Need.

Some of the resources the children use at lunch time were bought following decisions made at School Council. The benches provided in the playground were put in because the children asked for somewhere to sit at playtime. The School Council also helped to interview the new Head Teacher when Miss Hemsley was appointed and more recently a new teacher to the Foundation Stage Unit. They had their own questions they wanted answering during a session with prospective candidates.

Through the School Council pupils have been given the opportunity to develop skills such as confidence, communication and negotiation. It has provided opportunities for pupils to communicate their feelings to staff as well as influence decisions that are made. For example, the children have shared their views on how to redesign the courtyard to enhance learning opportunities for all. These ideas were then taken on board when the project went ahead.

The School Council meets twice a term, once in each half term, usually on Mondays. It is attended by all the class representatives, Ms Hardman (staff representative) and Miss Hemsley (Mrs Ingram in her absence), who also acts as the secretary. On the first meeting a Chairperson is appointed from Year 2 pupils. Prior to the meeting all classes hold a circle time to give all children a chance to share their views with their representatives. After the meeting a special assembly is held later in the week to feedback to the whole school. This assembly is led by Ms Hardman and the Chairperson.

You can find information about the School Council on the display in the entrance area, where you can see the agenda for the next meeting and minutes from other meetings in the School Council file.

We feel that our School Council is a very important part of the school. A School Council can lead to discussion, listening and negotiation – all skills that will help children explore the idea of what it means to be a good citizen and to prepare children for roles and responsibilities of adulthood.

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